[This was a beautiful poem written by an attendee at one of our workshops. :-)]

I’m going to a Peer Support Meeting
I won’t know what to say
Its on from 11am to one thirty
What a waste of a day

All these people here have done something
What have I done with my life?
I met Peter when I was 16 nearly 17
And I’ve always been Peters wife

Peter was a friend, lover and soulmate
At times we were together 24/7
I’m only here to bide my time
Then I will be with Peter in heaven

I’ve lost confidence and my motivation
In my head I’ve got lots of things to do
Knit, Crochet, Pompoms and card making
I start but I never follow things through

I’ve got beads, buttons, toggles and tassels
Paints, crayons, card and super glue
Jewellery kits, doilies and coloured paper
Whatever am I going to do?

But something has made me think at this meeting
I was so anxious when I stopped through the door
But no-one looking around is better than I am
So in April I’m going to give that craft club a go

So Peter, you’ll have to wait a bit longer
But it doesn’t mean I’ve stopped loving you
Something has changed and got me thinking
Before I die I’ve got lots of things to do

So I just want to thank everyone here
I misjudged you before I gave you a chance
I might never see any of you in the future
But I feel now I can go out and dance

– Judy

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Part Two:

CHARD WATCH CIC (Working Altogether in Chard) is a voluntary group that was set up to reach out and engage with adults who, because of various conditions and issues, are socially isolated and who face barriers within their community and surrounding areas.  The members consist of adults (18 upwards) and include people with mental health issues, recovering alcohol and substance users, ethnic minority groups, people with physical disabilities, the elderly, and the homeless, etc.

The project offers a social base where members can regain confidence by accessing various workshops and activities like art, reading, woodwork, drama, personal awareness courses and IT workshops. These are delivered one day a week from the Chard Rugby Club, Essex Close, Chard.


  • If you’re interested in being part of the Project, please contact us on 07506238540 and ask for Julie. Alternatively, you can speak to your support worker.