WATCH CIC Project AGM (Poster)
Sam Needs You

Thanks to funding provided by the Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, the W.A.T.CH Project is working on a mosaic to be displayed in the Chard Community Hospital – and we need your help! With a theme based around ‘Care in the Community’, we’re looking for a couple pairs of extra hands to empathise just that.

Please come into the Project on a Thursday between 11-4 and ask about it. We’d love to hear from you!

(More information can be found here.)


CHARD WATCH CIC (Working Altogether in Chard) is a voluntary group that was set up to reach out and engage with adults who, because of various conditions and issues, are socially isolated and who face barriers within their community and surrounding areas.  The members consist of adults (18 upwards) and include people with mental health issues, recovering alcohol and substance users, ethnic minority groups, people with physical disabilities, the elderly, and the homeless, etc.

  • WS
    Workshop Groupshot.
  • IMG_6038
    Member led conversation with volunteers!
  • IMG_5999
    This shot of members belongs in a frame.
  • Viv and Richard share Mosaic ideas
    Viv and Rich share Mosaic ideas!
  • Leslie
    Lunchtime prep.
  • photo
    John is not a giant, those trees are miniature!
  • MMA
    Guest speaker Faisel Ghazghazi pays a visit.
  • Yeovil Students
    Arts and Crafts with students from Yeovil.

The project offers a social base where members can regain confidence by accessing various workshops and activities like art, reading, woodwork, drama, personal awareness courses and IT workshops. These are delivered one day a week from the Chard Young Peoples’ Centre, Essex Close, Chard.


  • If you’re interested and not part of the Project, please contact us on 07506238540 and ask for Julie. Alternatively, you can speak to your support worker.