A Poem

[This was a beautiful poem written by an attendee at one of our workshops. :-)]

I’m going to a Peer Support Meeting
I won’t know what to say
Its on from 11am to one thirty
What a waste of a day

All these people here have done something
What have I done with my life?
I met Peter when I was 16 nearly 17
And I’ve always been Peters wife

Peter was a friend, lover and soulmate
At times we were together 24/7
I’m only here to bide my time
Then I will be with Peter in heaven

I’ve lost confidence and my motivation
In my head I’ve got lots of things to do
Knit, Crochet, Pompoms and card making
I start but I never follow things through

I’ve got beads, buttons, toggles and tassels
Paints, crayons, card and super glue
Jewellery kits, doilies and coloured paper
Whatever am I going to do?

But something has made me think at this meeting
I was so anxious when I stopped through the door
But no-one looking around is better than I am
So in April I’m going to give that craft club a go

So Peter, you’ll have to wait a bit longer
But it doesn’t mean I’ve stopped loving you
Something has changed and got me thinking
Before I die I’ve got lots of things to do

So I just want to thank everyone here
I misjudged you before I gave you a chance
I might never see any of you in the future
But I feel now I can go out and dance

– Judy