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Members are adults (18 upwards) and include people with mental health issues, recovering alcohol and substance users, ethnic minority groups, people with physical disabilities, the elderly, and the homeless, etc.

The project offers a social base where members can regain confidence by accessing various workshops and activities like art, reading, woodwork, drama, personal awareness courses and IT workshops.

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Members are required to pay £1 per visit in order to support the running of the project.

If you would like to join,  you will need to ask for a recommendation from your support worker or any other local supportive organisation. (e.g. SOMPAR, your Mental Health team, local GP, social worker, or Housing Association, etc.)

If you do not have a support worker please contact our office on 07506 238540.



Member Testimony by Val Board

“I started at the Watch Project two years ago.  Being grossly overweight and self
conscious of the fact I was not sure how I would be accepted…

I should not have worried all the members and volunteers are so kind and
thoughtful, they fetch lunch for me, and if I struggle to get up from a chair
there is always an arm to lean on.  I am never judged, we are all equals.
I sit at the reception desk which I love.  I get members to sign birthday cards
for each other and give out information on forthcoming events, keep registers of
what activities members have taken part in during the day, and generally chat to
other members.

I would like to join in more of the activities but my weight holds me back.
More often than not I do not go outside the door from one Thursday to the next,
but knowing I will be welcomed at the project keeps me going.

I do a few printing jobs on the computer at home to help out and this give me a
feeling of achievement.”


Member Testimony by Soo Ball

Soo joined the WATCH project as a member after the loss of her son Robin. She says the Project helps with her perpetual memory of him, and believes meeting with the people he knew and loved keeps his memory alive. She adds:

“Attending the Project every week gets me out and meeting people – my husband says it is so good for me. He has got involved as well by collecting any leftover wood for the woodworking shop at the project!

I love cooking cakes at home and bring them to the project to sell, I also make jams and the money we get from selling my produce goes towards the cost of running the project.

I help out in the kitchen too, making the lunch and of course doing washing and clearing up. I just keep doing more cooking at home and at the project. Having been in the country now for over 40 years I cook mainly English food, and very rarely Malaysian cuisine.”