Volunteering at Chard Watch

“From the moment Julie answered the phone, I had a feeling of warmth, and a sense of being valued for my potential”

Our volunteers help in many ways – cooking, artwork, chatting with members at our Thursday project and more. We could not run our project without their support. Volunteers can also help in our office, gaining experience in admin. 

Why volunteer for us?
You will have fun, make new friends and get a real sense of satisfaction from being involved with a great group of people. You can learn new skills and will be able to access relevant training. It will also give you the opportunity to gain experience in the mental health field. 

If I have experienced my own mental health issue would this get in the way of volunteering?
Certainly not, in fact to the contrary. Watch believe people with lived experience are ‘experts by experience’ and have that mutual understanding which supports in so many ways. We were formed in 2007 from a peer group formed by our founder (Julie) and friends with mental health issues so Watch’s history comes with the knowledge of the difficulties along the way We have turned those struggles into a project reducing isolation. 

We are always looking for new friendly volunteers. We value life skills and welcome people who can value others in an empathic and genuine way.  You do not need formal qualifications. 


Whether you have a specific idea of what you would like to do or would just like to find out more about volunteering with us, please get in touch here:   leoniegirling@watchproject.org.uk

Or complete our Volunteer Application Form


Current Volunteer Roles: 


  • General Volunteer – help members access activities e.g. art, pool, board games, table tennis; cooking; tea and talk sessions; encourage members to feel part of the project; help with setting up the room and clearing away. 
  • Volunteer Mentor- help members explore future goals and help support them to achieve these goals in a person-centred approach. 


  • IT Volunteer – support members to learn/develop IT skills. 


  • Friends of Watch Volunteer – raise awareness of the Project and specifically Friends of Watch through marketing and publicity. Help organise Friends of Watch events aimed at raising funds and promoting the work of the Project. 




The Volunteer Experience


RichRichard Miller (General Volunteer)

“I have been volunteering with Chard WATCH CIC for a year now and, in that time, have be heartened by the warm, caring and non-judgemental atmosphere in the Project.

As a result of members attending the Project, I have witnessed people grow in self-confidence and in their empathy and support for others. My day is made when I see vulnerable people lose themselves in activities or in shared laughter.”