Mental Health Awareness Week

Join Chard Watch CIC in celebrating Mental Health Awareness Week 18-24th of May.

This year’s theme is ‘kindness’. A single kind act, be it to ourselves or others, can lift spirits, ease loneliness, strengthen relationships and create a sense of belonging. Research has shown that kindness and our mental wellbeing are intrinsically linked.

Share your own experiences of kindness or your ideas for how we might build a kinder society online using #KindnessMatters and #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek

Make It Click

Currently, over 7 million people in the UK are online but not getting enough from the internet, and aren’t improving their digital skills. Compared to people who are not online at all, they are more likely to be seeking work or in low-paid employment.

Make It Click aims to support people who often don’t receive support or fall through the gaps. They’re building people’s confidence, helping them learn new skills, and supporting them to achieve positive employment outcomes.

Click the image below to visit their site and access the useful resources that they have available.


Citizens Advice Covid-19 Videos

Some useful videos from our friends at Citizens Advice covering rights, options and choices regarding employment and benefits during the covid-19 pandemic. Click the image below to access.


Well Wessex Newsletter

Well Wessex has put together a new monthly newsletter containing all kinds of useful wellbeing advice. You can read it by clicking on the image below.

SSL Food and Temper Tantrums Course.

Live Naturally and SSL have teamed up to provide a free 2 hour course in which you will learn how Omega 3 can help your child have less temper tantrums.

Recovery College through Social Media and ‘Virtual Classrooms

The Somerset Wellbeing and Learning Community (Recovery College) are pleased to announce that they now have a Facebook page. From this page people can join the Facebook group, this is a closed group and membership is dependent on having registered as a student or tutor with SWALC or being a member of Somerset partnership Staff.

There is already a lot of information on the page that may be of interest to you and your clients – a daily live Guided Meditation at 9am by Jade Lucas, a daily Isolation Art Class by Sally Clark, information about “Self Care when the news is terrifying” etc. plus the opportunity to join conversations with other students. We will soon be launching an interactive webinar course on maintaining a mental wellbeing journal through the pandemic and other podcasts and interactive courses are being prepared. From our Facebook page you or your clients will be able to find information on the North Yorkshire Recovery College with whom we are collaborating and sharing resources in order to continue to promote personal recovery based education and support at this very difficult time. We are planning an increasing number of interactive teaching and learning sessions to support everyone with wellbeing and personal recovery.

To access the page go to: 

Please like and join us as well as recommending this to your clients/patients/service users.

 We hope that everyone benefits from the Facebook page and the interactive courses we are starting to make available. The closed group can be of great support for people to feel connected with like-minded others, particularly at this time when things are so uncertain and there is so much that can feel beyond a person’s own span of control.

If you or someone you know would like to contribute to this effort please contact the Recovery College on the SWALC mobile 07342 063735 and leave a message if you get the answerphone.

South Somerset Wellbeing Directory

Wellbeing South Somerset is our local Health & Wellbeing Directory. It features a huge range of local support, including social meet-ups, regular walks, condition-specific support groups, befriending services and even housing and debt services. Visit