Important information regarding changes to Mind services in Somerset.

COVID-19 UPDATE: Please note all Mind in Somerset services have moved to virtual operations, we are supporting people via phone and online. Our helpline Mindline 01823 276 892 has increased its hours to include 0900-2300h Monday to Friday to offer the community additional support, as well as Saturday & Sunday 2000-2300h

WATCH working in conjunction with SSL

The Watch Project is currently in the process of delivering a series of exciting and informative courses funded by our friends at Somerset Skills and Learning. Covering such subjects as basic cookery skills, budgeting for healthy meals and the 5 ways to wellbeing, there’s something for everyone who is looking to make a positive change in their lives.

Here’s a quote from Michelle who recently attended several of the courses on offer.

|”I attended both the Money Management and the Healthy Food, Healthy Lives courses. With regards to the Healthy Food course –  I wanted to learn more about having a healthy diet and a cost effective way of achieving this. With regards to Money Management –  I have always been happy to budget, but was interested to see other ways to help me improve my financial situation.

I found that both courses helped my confidence and made me feel more relaxed around other people. It also made me feel more confident that I was dealing with things okay. Other people’s ideas also helped me. It was good to be able to talk with others and share ideas.

I would definitely recommend the courses as there is always something more to learn and it is reassuring to know you are on the right track.”

Somerset Skills and Learning are also holding an excellent one day course exploring careers and training opportunities in childcare. You can find the details below.

Chard School Donation


We were pleased to welcome the ‘Watch Project’ to our school assembly today. The ‘Watch Project’ is a charity in Chard which works to support the mental health of local adults and children and is the charity that, as a school, we chose to support this academic year. In assembly the Student Council were delighted to present a cheque to the charity following collections at our Christmas performances last term. Our thanks to the school community for their generous donations to this worthy cause.


Chard School Donation

Once again Chard School have been very generous and have donated £251.70 to WATCH. This money was raised from Christmas events at the school including their Nativity Play.

Thank you so much for your generosity.

Recent Donations!

We would like to thank the following for their generous donations.

Brecknell Willis who donated £240 to us. Thank you.

Nicola Hardy – Thank you for your continued support (£40 donation)

Village Bakers – for collecting £14.60 Thank you.

Time for Change Champions

Aiden from Time to Change visited us to meet anyone who would like to become a Time for Change Champion with a view to go on his training on the 5th December.