Jobs Fair and Health and Wellbeing event

Chard WATCH CIC will be attending the Jobs Fair and Health and Wellbeing event at Taunton Mecca Bingo Hall on September 10th (11am-3pm).

If any of our members would like to participate (whether it’s representing the WATCH Project or simply attending) please let us know in all the usual places!  🙂

Make My Day (Album)

Kevin Townsend and Gemma Adams have kindly written and recorded a CD to raise funds for our Thursday Project. (The album cover was designed by staff member Matthew Barnes too!) It’s now available to purchase for £6.50 and all proceeds will go directly to WATCH.

Hard copies are readily available, but I believe we’re still working out the logistics behind online sales. Please watch this space for more details or contact us at to request a copy!

(I believe a number of them will be available to buy in person at the AGM.)

Yurt Trip (2018)

Sain uu! Our new friend, Amanda, invited us to come see her Yurt in Hinton St George last week and we had (CAPS FOR EMPHASIS) an absolutely lovely time! (For those of you that are unaware, a Yurt is a kind of circular tent that nomads typically use in Mongolia.)

We had ourselves a picnic and an education while we were there. Amanda, her friend Linda, and Emee the dog taught us all about Mongolia, it’s history, culture, wildlife (the Marmot is my new favourite critter) and entertained all the hands that raised questions in response.

When we weren’t chilling out inside the Yurt, we also got to enjoy the sun and each other’s company too. (The weather looked after us almost as well as Amanda did!) She also had the best biscuit selection and allowed us to make a wish by tying it to her tree outside (which you will find pictured below).




































A massive bayarlalaa (or thank you) to everyone who helped make the day a success. We were practically singing the Mongolian National Anthem on the minibus ride home!