Nuture shed – update

The mum’s workshop has started and they are planning to evolve and increase in numbers. Mums of all age groups are welcome, especially if they feel that peer supporting through creativity helps to move forward with development of life skills.

The last two sessions we have been focusing on the essence of journalising, establishing its benefit and identifying opportunities of various approaches I.e. picture diaries, paintings, poems, journal for different aspects of your life etc. .
We usually start off with a meditation session, inform and exchange our lived experience using examples, but also enjoying the process of decorating our diary for journalising using mixed media.

Next week, after our meditation, we will use a big canvas where we start working with acrylics and create a collective picture…then we will fine tune back into “collaging “ our journal book “inside out”

This is an open group and looking forward for more mums to join.

 Mums can contact us directly via mail/phone or through direct referral to Nurture Shed with Caroline or Sue.
Tel: 01823 698459


Chard Watch receives generation donations

Watch members would like to send heartfelt thanks to Rachael who kindly donated a super sewing machine with all the accessories.
One of our members is already showing others how to use a sewing machine and gain new skills.
This will be a great new mini project within watch encouraging members to connect and have time with each other.

And more thanks go to Stephen B Rowsell who kindly donated 30 energy saving light bulbs to members. Not only will members now be doing the right thing for the environment, they will also be saving money. A definite win win! This donation came to us via the fantastic Facebook group – Sustainable Chard. 

Winsham Health & Wellbeing event June 5th

Our Health & Wellbeing event on June 5th was well supported, with some participants travelling down from as far away as Burnham. Joyce Passmore gave her inspirational speech & we were event treated to a surprise visit from our support dog Sam. Keep your eye on the website for further events.

Member Donna, with Vicki and support dog Sam
Member Sarah talking about the importance of the Watch project to her & the positive impact on her life.
Julie & Joyce – positive talking for the attendees.
Meaningful conversations by attendees – this is what makes our Health & Wellbeing events so special.

Creative workshops for Mums at Nuture Shed

Who is involved in Nurture Shed? A professional team collaborating under one roof… THE NURTURE SHED is offering services to support families, health and wellbeing.

Sue and Caroline are the owners of Nurture Shed; two Early Years professionals, BA (Hons). Both mothers themselves are passionate about natural play and a safe future for children.

I am Sabine and used to be Caroline’s and Sue’s University lecturer teaching Research and Pedagogy. The idea of this project is based on my own lived experience of mental health issues in Somerset, when diagnosed with Post Partum Psychosis in 2010. Nurture Shed has become my sanctuary from home, where I can grow in confidence and work together with 5 likeminded professionals for this particular project.


At THE NURTURE SHED we want to welcome all mums with post-natal mental health issues to this group!

  • Our team has a strong professional background, including creativity, Teaching Professionals and learning support, where we would like to support the journey of recovery through creative workshops (child care available whilst mum is enjoying the workshop)

·       We would like to develop our 6 week workshop into a 10 weeks course, where previously acquired therapeutic aspects through arts and craft continue to evolve with a more in depth focus on activities for therapeutic healing (creative writing, emotional painting, meditate, journalise, music therapy, crochet for stress relief etc.) thus offering continuity for personal growth, where individuals’ needs could be scaffolded within a safe and non-judgmental group environment (mums of all ages, different backgrounds and lived experiences).

·       Mums will be able to talk about mental health issues (recovery from PPP, Bi-Polar, Depression, Anxiety Issues etc.) and connect with other like-minded mums, in order to develop a social and emotional support network via peer support, to become confident mums, making friends and helping each other with coping strategies

We would be pleased if you could recommend our services to mums affected by mental health issues. Mums could contact us directly via mail/phone or through your direct referral to Nurture Shed with Caroline or Sue.

Tel: 01823 698459

Natalie Masters – You don’t always have to fit in…

Natalie Masters always had a plan in her life, she was always going to be a mechanic in the Army and was always going to have children. That was just how it would be. But then her life was rewritten – against her will.

Following a long family tradition, Natalie had joined the cadets before leaving school, after leaving school she immediately enlisted in the Army – eventually becoming a Class A Mechanic. Being time served, Natalie left the army in 2003 to work as a Level 2 Radiologist in the Aerospace industry, marrying in 2011 and planning to start a family. Unfortunately, family plans didn’t happen as they had hoped, and after several rounds of IVF, a lost child in 2015, Natalie received the devastating news that she would not be able to have children.

Natalie says “My life had been rewritten – against my will, I just didn’t know what to do. Having had on-going problems with highs and lows since I was 17, I found depression really kicked in which resulted in me quitting my job in radiology in 2014. I was soon isolated, angry, friendless and jobless. I no longer wanted to live and attempted suicide”.

Having been admitted 3 times to Rowan Ward in Yeovil, Natalie’s psychiatrist recommended she visited the Watch Project. “It was the summer of 2016 when I started going to the project, at first I was really quiet & angry about everything. I tended to sit on my own listening to the iPod, but gradually I realised that a lot of the activities in the project interested me, and I started to become more involved.”

With the gradual process of restoring personal resilience and confidence well underway, it was suggested that Natalie tried Level 2 in Food Hygiene, which would be funded by Watch. Natalie excelled, thoroughly enjoying the course and subsequently helping in the kitchen at the weekly project with volunteers Mike & Soo. 

“My confidence returned, my feelings of self-worth returned, and I even applied for a job, only working 2.5hrs a day – but it was a start. Working as a cleaner for Green Machine, my confidence continued to grow, I started to work additional hours daily and I loved the feeling it gave me. Working more at other sites, by January 2018 I became the Account Manager. I was cleaning, auditing and ended up performance managing sites right across South Somerset”.

The Watch project had started the process of turning Natalie back into society, empowering her to realise she could manage her symptoms and find meaningful employment. Returning back to the Watch project to meet her friends, Natalie muses “Coming here helped me to rebuild my life, it helped me to find a safe place to meet people who had shared experiences. It made me realise that you don’t have to fit in, you can have alternative personality traits, but you can still find an employer who will support you – they are out there”.

The Watch project is a group of like-minded people whose aim is to provide other isolated individuals from Chard and the surrounding areas, a safe place to grow by developing confidence, friendships and valuable skills.

Julie Matthews, Project Manager says “Chard Watch opens its doors to provide a safe, secure and positive fun environment. However, it is the individuals that use the space with peer friends to start to engage. If members can start to find their own true potential in their own way it can hopefully lead them to progress on their journey. It is so important that they lead the way. All of us here just walk alongside them.

Natalie has remarkable skills and is an extremely generous person helping people along the way. We have just followed her. She didn’t say that last year she was employee of the year for green machine. We are very proud of her. It’s an honour to mention her on our website to show there is hope and the clouds don’t have to be there everyday”.

Natalie Masters – success story
Natalie Masters and Anne Townsend on the Art table

From cleaner to account manager in only 12mths, Natalie’s is a story of hope, success and belief in herself. The Watch project is proud of her achievements, but the person who needs to be most proud is – Natalie herself.

Natalie with Alan and Soo in the kitchen

Thank you Tesco customers

Thank you to Tesco store, Chard for letting us raise awareness & collect money at their store during Mental Health Awareness Week. With their fantastically generous customers we raised £167.38 which will go along way to help support our Thursday project. We also gained a volunteer and had some great conversations around mental health & social isolation.

Nick Shoemark & Richard Miller collecting funds
Amanda Broom & Richard Miller collecting funds

It takes all sorts…

It Takes All Sorts….Lorraine Weyman has only recently started doing Cross Stitch at our weekly Thursday Project. As you can see from her fantastic work ‘It takes all sorts’ Lorraine has a real talent for this. The beautiful thing with our members and our Thursday project is that they are finding out so many different skills & abilities. Just being able to try something new in a ‘no-pressure’ environment is really giving members the confidence have a go. Who knows what hidden talents we will reveal next! Members are encouraged to create their own mini project within Watch. We have an elderly member who made their own model railway project, a knitting group, a button project and arts and crafts. Well done Lorraine – a super job, with some amazing detail. 

Monk’s Yard Event Health & Wellbeing Event April ’19

We had an excellent Health & Wellbeing event this week at Monk’s Yard, Ilminster. With a full house of attendees the discussion groups and activities were thoroughly enjoyed & plenty of learning too. Discussion groups included the Department of Work & Pensions; Peer support groups & relationships and learning about opportunities in your community. Joyce Passmore gave a talk on her amazing personal journey of HOPE afer spending 15years in Tone Vale. We also had the pleasure of Sgt Rob Jameson joining us to learn more about our invaluable community group. Sgt Jameson also joined in the Laughter Yoga & was spirited enough to let us share his photos! Our next event is in Winsham on Wednesday 5th June – do please ask for more information & join us. This event was funded by Somerset Skills and Learning.

Group conversation – all about sharing experience & learning.
Joyce Passmore giving her inspirational talk.
Joyce’s experience is inspirational, how one lady lived with hope & kept fighting – not a dry eye in the room.
Sgt Jameson joining in the Laughter Yoga – if you’ve not tried it yet, you really are missing out!
Watch project team, L-R: Julie Matthews, Ruth Crooks, Richard Miller, Kay Morgan, Amanda Broom, Denise Hodgson & Leonie Girling

Folly Farm – member visit

Lovely leaves that our members pressed on our Folly Farm trip this week. Thanks to Jonathan and Marie of Folly Farm with Kristen, and volunteers that made it possible from Blackdown Hill AONB – we are learning such a lot!