Folly Farm Trip in Pictures

If the pictures attached weren’t proof enough, The WATCH Project went to Folly Farm back in April 2017! According to our June Newsletter we’re going again on the 11th July, so if this trip looks like something you’d enjoy, please ask at the reception desk on Thursday for more information.

Chard & Ilminster News: Fun Day for Tenth Birthday

[Julie isn’t a fan of having her picture taken and I felt it was missing a crucial and fan-favourite element, so we compromised with this Photoshop edit.]

I don’t mean to alarm you, but what you’re about to read is a real-time example of time travel.

For our tenth anniversary a few weeks ago, the Chard and Ilminster News wrote a piece about us in the local newspaper – and I completely forgot to tell you about it. So if anyone asks (especially Mrs J) please tell them/her you really enjoyed this timely and relevant piece about that article on our website!

You can find a link to it here:

Chard and Ilminster News – Fun Day for Tenth Birthday

(They have some really lovely photos from our birthday there!)

Speaking of which, simply typing ‘thank you’ into a keyboard cannot effectively express how grateful everyone is at WATCH feels for your support over the last ten years. Whether you’re another member, a friend, volunteer, paid member of staff, or that nice taxi man who dropped us off outside the Rugby Club once, we are your biggest fans.

So thank you, cheers, gracias, merci beaucoup, danke, and much obliged. Whoever you are, we are cheering your name through continued peer support!

– M@thew

Avon & Somerset: Safe Places







Safe Places is a service to help people with communication difficulties stay safe when they are out and about. It is open to anyone in the force area with dementia, a learning disability, mental health problems or any communication need, and there is no age limit.

An improved service, which includes direct access to police support 24 hours a day via the Safe Places telephone number, is being rolled out by Avon and Somerset Police from 10 May 2017.
When someone registers for Safe Places they get a unique reference number and their personal details are safely held on the police database.

They can call the Safe Places number if they find themselves in a crisis situation, such as if they are lost, feel scared or upset, and don’t know what to do, or if they have been a victim of crime.
If they call the Safe Places number Avon and Somerset staff will be able to find more information about an individual’s needs and will be able to help them in the most appropriate way.

As part of Safe Places people get a wallet card and keyring fob – and they can show this to get help in a Safe Places building – which include police stations, police inquiry offices and in the near future, some council offices

To find out more about this service, please visit or download the attached leaflet.

Ebay Listing

Do you have any saleable items, such as antiques or good quality gifts? If so let WATCH sell them for you!

You will receive an agreed upon percentage of the final amount once costs have been removed OR would you consider donating the item so WATCH will benefit from the full donation?

If either approach appeals, please bring your items to the Project on a Thursday. If you need help bringing them to us, please let us know and we will see what we can do.


Our 10th Anniversary

April 27th is our 10th anniversary and for the purposes of this post, I have taken a widely renowned classic and changed some of the lyrics in celebration of that day. Fingers-crossed you recognise the song and sing along at home:

“Happy Birthday to us,
Happy Birthday to us,
Happy Birthday dear Chard WATCH CIC,
Happy Birthday to us!”

Watch this space for more news on what we’ve got planned and I look forward to seeing some of you in the supermarket aisles of the 26th. (I’ve got dibs on this years ‘Hap-pea Birthday’ card they stock, by the way.)










– M@thew

Brecknell Willis Donation




I’d like to begin this post by apologising to the postman’s wife. Inside one of his delivered envelopes last week was a welcome donation of £250 from our new friends of WATCH, Brecknell Willis, and I may have said some things in excitement that made him feel very uncomfortable. He was just the messenger and insisted we forward that praise to a more relevant address.

So, I’d like to express a massive thank you to everyone at Brecknell Willis for their kind contribution from us all at The WATCH Project today and we promise to put that money to good use. (And not towards the bronze statue of the postie I may have naively promised on reciept of your cheque!)

– M@thew