Joyce Passmore: The Light In My Mind

“When l experienced long term care in the mental health system at the age of 13 years it was a most frightening and confusing time. The 3 weeks of hospital life I was promised lasted for 15 years in the old mental health system.

When I say I became lost in a system that is exactly true. My days were arranged for me. My life became others to control. I lost my identity. I had no rights and to ask questions about what was happening to me was frowned upon. It felt I was being punished. The Victorian hospital gave out harsh Victorian treatments.

Bit by bit I got sucked into the institutional regime I was forced to live. I was surrounded by people who had given up on life itself but I fought hard to get my life back that had been taken away from me. I kept focused on my aim that one day l would get my life and freedom back. It took years but I made it!

It then took years to adjust to life outside of the institution. I knew I never belonged in the hospital but I now felt I did not fit in to the life outside either. People terrified me. It was a horrible feeling. I persevered and though it was hard l found my place in the world outside. It was officially recognised as medical neglect. I was asked by the medical profession to write my story . I was now totally free from all medical help where my mental health was concerned.

My book The Light in my Mind came out in 2010 and has been accepted well going all over the world. I have a wonderful life now. I have given many talks on my life and the lessons learnt and would be very willing to share my experiences with you. Thank you.”

– Joyce Passmore

“Everybody at Chard WATCH has been very well supported by Joyce over the years. She has contributed the sales from her books to us, and her own chosen child charity. Joyce has given us all a lot of hope, and given so much back to help those whose lives suffer from mental health issues.

I have personally seen Joyce give hopeful, inspiring talks on her experience going through the mental health system, and if you would like Joyce and WATCH to come to your club, organisation or project to speak about her life and our brand of peer support work please send an email to:

– Julie Matthews (Chard WATCH Manager)

Joyce’s book brings hope to its readers. Her faith and perseverance encourages so many. All proceeds from her book goes to charity. Joyce’s book “The Light in my Mind” costs £4.00 and with postage and packing the total costs is £6.00.