Members FAQ

How can I join?

You must be referred to us by your Support Worker, Care-Coordinator, or any other organisation. (But you can make a self-referral by contacting the Project manager.)

When is it on?

The project is on very Thursday from 11am-4pm at Chard Rugby Club, Essex Close. You’re welcome to join us at any point inside that time bracket and stay as little or as long as you’d like – provided you’ve met us before of course!

Do I need to bring anything with me?

Only £1.50 for unlimited entry that day is necessary, though it might be worth bringing more if you’re after a hot drink (30p per cup) or lunch (£2).

How often must I attend?

You are under no obligation (from us) to keep attending. If you’re absent for some time we may check up on you to see if you’re alright, but there’s no pressure to be there every week.

What should I expect?

A welcoming and relaxed atmosphere in the company of others who come from various colourful backgrounds. You’ll find people there looking for company, not to judge.

On site there’s a pool table, free computer and Internet access, and plenty of seating available if you’re after conversation or a chance to people watch. Most weeks you’ll even find in-house activities like arts and crafts, wood work, community projects, or free guitar lessons taking place. And that’s just to start with…

You’ll also find plenty of opportunity to register your interest in activities outside of the Young People’s Centre itself. In the past, video editing and photography classes have been made available, as well as confidence training and the oft talked about (and still ongoing) Magdalen Project.

There’s a wealth of things on offer!

What is expected of me?

The project is run by members, for the members, and we hope you get involved as much as you feel you can! As stated previously, you’re under no obligation to attend, and you’re free to participate, mingle, and interact with other members as much as you’d like. (We’re just like Spiders – probably as scared of you as you are of us!) You’re personally responsible for yourself and are only expected to follow our simple rules.

As for any commitments made (like signing up for an activity for example), there’s no need to feel embarrassed if you feel unable to follow through with them. We understand! (Though some warning – even if last minute – would be nice!)

Anything else I need to know?

We’re open to suggestion, so if there’s an activity or idea you feel the group could benefit from, do let us know! It’s your project as much as it is ours. Don’t be shy.

And if you have a pen on you when walking into the centre, don’t let us see it when you sign in. We keep losing them!