Mosaic 2015: Care in the Community (Progress in Pictures).

Since our previous post (found here) the Mosaic has left it’s planning phase and is started to take shape. Now in the early tilling stage, W.A.T.CH members and public alike are slowly adding to it. Edward Colgan from the Somerset Foundation NHS Trust has contributed, along with residents of Snowdon House!

If you look closely, you can see what the final design should like behind one members head, pinned to the board. If that draft is anything to go by (worthy of framing itself), the final product may skip Chard Hospital altogether and end up in The Louvre, Paris! When I can track this elusive piece of paper down I’ll scan and upload it here for a better look.

On a personal note, if you see Richard Langford on the street (the sculptor facilitating it’s build), please tell him I look forward to seeing how this progresses. So impressed am I by his and everyone’s work, I’m too shy to tell him/them in person.

– M@thew.