My Name is Sabine

SabineIf you don’t have any plans between the 1st and 13th of February, may I reccommend you head down to your nearest supermarket and break change out of a fiver? You’re going to need it for the bus to Taunton Library as a rather interesting exhibition is taking place there: ‘My Name is Sabine.’

Like the greats before her, Sabine uses her art as a coping mechanism for poor mental health — and is using this as an oppurtunity to educate those who find sensitive issues like these uncomfortable.

qoutetopArt has been my therapy since suffering from Postpartum Psychosis in 2010. I believe I started painting again late in 2011, when I was weaned off medication.
I experience art through my emotions and subconscious mind. The process is more important than the actual outcome.

My paintings often evolve into a meaning, something I experience. My painting comes as an outburst and subsequently channelling my emotions into creativity, enabling me to feel calm and content – as if my “happy-hormones (release of Serotonins) are having a party again”. My chemicals, the hormonal imbalance, is reflected in my work. When I do not sleep, I paint. I am on my path of recovery, learning in stepping stones… trying to overcome the obstacles of my agora and social-phobia. qoutebot

For more information on the exhibit you can find detailed flyers here and here.

In spite of how strong the support networks Sabine has in place are, I’m sure we can all relate to the frustration of not feeling like we can express ourselves clearly, and this sounds like an effective outlet for that. Please show your support if in her postcode!