No White Peaks: Remembrance Sunday

“No White Peaks was written in 1969 by one of our members, Peter Kayne, when he was performing at the American air base in South Ruislip, Middlesex after seeing men from the United States armed forces who had been returned on their journey home to the U.S.A following serious injuries inflicted during the Vietnam war.

Having done his show in the officers’ mess, Peter, a singer, songwriter and entertainer, was asked by the commanding officer if he would visit the hospital ward to cheer up the injured veterans. Peter was horrified by the injuries that he saw inflicted on the men, and wrote No White Peaks the following day.

Many years later, Peter Cushing recorded the poem in Canterbury. Peter Cushing, the true gentleman he was, felt the words were worthy enough to record with just one take in the studio.

Peter Kayne is a proud member of Chard WATCH CIC – A small community project in Somerset designed to encourage isolated individuals form valuable peer relationships and help them feel connected when things feel impossible.

With armistice upon us, we ask that you listen and hear the words contained inside this beautiful poem at a time the world needs more unity than ever,

If you are able to offer to anyone in your neighbourhood a couple of hours of support (whether they have served or not) we strongly encourage it. We’re all in this together and we will remember them.”

– Julie Matthews (Project Manager)