Nuture shed – update

The mum’s workshop has started and they are planning to evolve and increase in numbers. Mums of all age groups are welcome, especially if they feel that peer supporting through creativity helps to move forward with development of life skills.

The last two sessions we have been focusing on the essence of journalising, establishing its benefit and identifying opportunities of various approaches I.e. picture diaries, paintings, poems, journal for different aspects of your life etc. .
We usually start off with a meditation session, inform and exchange our lived experience using examples, but also enjoying the process of decorating our diary for journalising using mixed media.

Next week, after our meditation, we will use a big canvas where we start working with acrylics and create a collective picture…then we will fine tune back into “collaging “ our journal book “inside out”

This is an open group and looking forward for more mums to join.

 Mums can contact us directly via mail/phone or through direct referral to Nurture Shed with Caroline or Sue.
Tel: 01823 698459