Recommended Apps & Recommended Websites

These Apps and websites come personally recommended by members, staff or volunteers at WATCH.  Please let us know if you have any suggestions of your own! (We’ll try to include links to the android and iOS store when applicable.)

Stay Alive:
This app is a pocket suicide prevention resource, packed full of useful information to help you stay safe. You can use it if you are having thoughts of suicide or if you are concerned about someone else who may be considering suicide. [Store: IOS/Google Play]

Use this quirky mobile app to create your own personalised SafeSpot – A place where you can top up you coping skills, relaxation and distraction techniques. You can even design your own avatar to guide you through the app, or take a selfie to make it personal just to you! [Store: IOS/Google Play]


Somerset Local Nature Partnership: The SLNP want to ensure that we all maintain the scale and quality of our habitats so that they remain special into the future. They want to ensure that everyone can enjoy nature, wherever they live, and hope to show how supporting nature is good for business and communities. You can find their Naturally Somerset website here.


Somerset Mental Health Hub: The Somerset Mental Health Hub (SMMH) website is intended to not only provide useful links to those who offer support to people experiencing poor mental well-being and those that care for them within their communities, but also a space where other healthcare professionals, external agencies and organisations can learn about the Somerset Mental Health Hub and its activities.


[Disclaimer: Please be aware, that unless stated otherwise, Chard WATCH CIC is not affiliated with these apps/organisations in any way.]