Space Seed

Space Seed by Colin Tracy photographer/artist

Julie Matthews, CEO

I have often had an image of a dandelion and when blowing how those seeds make their journey to somewhere new. When I recently saw this photo on sale by photographer Colin Tracy, I instantly bought it. I see the dandelion in this picture like the ‘Watch project’ evolved over some 12 years of peer support. A team, a family working together. Then a touch of wind and the seeds go into space on their own, finding their own way, with their own resilience. 

This last year, the project has managed to turn itself around with the endless contributions of staff, volunteers and members adding their life skills to make it work. This next year we are hoping we can support more ‘space seeds’ to find their own world of hope and potential.

Colin Tracy – Fullyfocusedphotos

I have lived in Dorset for over 30 years all the while photographing it in details and its wider vistas. I have a passion for photographing all things natural but my greatest love is photographing insects and flowers – often together in their symbiotic relationship. Having said that, I almost always have my camera with me and often – rather than ‘chasing’ an image – I will wait with interest to see what occurs or what I am drawn to. So the pattern on the surface of still water made by a drop falling from a wet tree is of equal interest as the structure of a flower or the beautiful Dorset landscape.