Student Placements

Students, volunteers and trainees often find Watch Thursday project a good place to learn about a small community project that helps people with isolation.

Interested parties may attend a days session from 11 until 4pm whereby they can mix with our members, join in on the activities which range from art, cookery, IT, games, tea & talk sessions, outside events etc.

Members really find these opportunities useful as well to help people understand some of the difficulties they face everyday which breaks down the stigma there can be with some issues like mental health.

If you would like to know further information about a placement please contact Julie by email on or 07506238540
All we ask is if you can become a friend of watch and for further information about this please contact Nicola Hardy on


Past placements


Lizzie Haddell

I volunteered at the Watch project on Thursdays at the community group for about 5 weeks. I really enjoyed my time there and really feel that the community group is excellent and beneficial; so many members have said that the Thursday community group is what they look forward to most in their week. It enables members to come and socialise with others who can understand them better and find the support that they may require, and a safe place for them where they can relax and be creative if they wish.

All the staff, volunteers and members made me feel so welcome and I will be sad to not be able to come as regularly as I have been. The members are free to stay for as long as they want and can pay to have a lovely lunch at a reasonable price. Overall a very worthwhile project that I am thankful I have been able to experience and hope to come a visit again in the future.