Mosaic 2015: Care in the Community (Progress in Pictures).

Since our previous post (found here) the Mosaic has left it’s planning phase and is started to take shape. Now in the early tilling stage, W.A.T.CH members and public alike are slowly adding to it. Edward Colgan from the Somerset Foundation NHS Trust has contributed, along with residents of Snowdon House!

If you look closely, you can see what the final design should like behind one members head, pinned to the board. If that draft is anything to go by (worthy of framing itself), the final product may skip Chard Hospital altogether and end up in The Louvre, Paris! When I can track this elusive piece of paper down I’ll scan and upload it here for a better look.

On a personal note, if you see Richard Langford on the street (the sculptor facilitating it’s build), please tell him I look forward to seeing how this progresses. So impressed am I by his and everyone’s work, I’m too shy to tell him/them in person.

– M@thew.

Chard Hospital Redevelopment (Mosaic News)


For those of you unaware, the W.A.T.CH Project has been commissioned by the Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust to produce two mosaics for the new Chard hospital site. The first one is titled ‘Care in the Community’ and is currently in production.

In regards to the redevelopment of the hospital itself, Edward Colgan (Chief Executive of the Somerset Partnership) has kindly  given us permission to post the following:

“Somerset Partnership remains committed to the redevelopment of the Chard Community Hospital site. At its meeting on 24 March 2015, the Trust Board approved the capital programme for the next three years which will support the re-building and redevelopment of Chard Hospital in three phases.

The Trust mindful though that the Somerset Clinical Commissioning Group is still undertaking its review of Community Services and only once that work is finished we will a better understanding of the services the CCG will need at the site in future and for that reason it is proposed to start the work in 2016.

The Trust believes the Chard site offers tremendous potential for redevelopment and would be a great site to provide a range of integrated services. Currently it hosts a minor injury unit, school nurses and health visitors, hospital-based outpatients’ services, in patient services and mental health services.

The Trust plans to start the first phase of redevelopment next year and this will involve improving inpatient accommodation (currently on the first floor of the hospital), by refurbish the existing Bracken house building to accommodate the inpatient ward with better facilities and greater privacy for patients on the Bracken House side of the site. The Trust has, however, indicated that capital funds might be available to enable an earlier start date to the scheme once the CCG has set out its expectations for the hospital in light of its review.

The project is expected to cost £4.8million.”

Consider yourselves well informed!

Mosaic 2015: Care in the Community

Crewkerne Sculptor Richard Langford is once again working with the W.A.T.CH Project to help build a Mosaic that focuses on ‘Care in the Community’ – with funding provided by the Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. Examples of previously made WATCH Project Mosaics are on display at Bracken House in Chard and in Holly Court, Yeovil.

Thanks to the success of their previous Mosaic efforts quite a crowd gathered at the Project full of prospective members looking to get involved during the planning stages. And due to it’s focus on community, art may imitate life as we attempt to grow that number even further with participation outside the project from other organisations and the general public.

Here are the first two weeks in pictures:

As well as a group mosaic, members will also get the opportunity to create their own on a much smaller scale. Expect a post covering that and more soon.

Mosaic Project Update

W.A.T.CH Mosaic Project 2013

The Mosaic Project is in full swing now.  The Mosaic that is being created with the help of Crewkerne sculptor Richard Langford has received lots of positive comments and is a busy undertaking every Thursday at the project.

Members of W.A.T.CH started the Mosaic Project by looking at exhibits inside Chard Museum for inspiration. They are creating a Mosaic for the Chard Hospital entrance with a theme of “Chard and the community”.

Funding provided by the Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust has enabled members of the group to work together, and also to create a mini-collage for themselves.

Mosaic Project 2013

mosaicAs of this Thursday (the 9th of May) from 11.30am to 2pm, members of the W.A.T.CH project will once again be working with Richard Langford – a sculptor from Crewkerne – at the Chard Young People’s Centre and participating in a ten week workshop to produce another mosaic – this time for the Chard Hospital entrance.

In the past, they’ve successfully produced two mosaics, one in Holly Court and the other in the entrance to the Chard Young People’s Centre itself.

Commisioned and funded by the Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and with a theme of “Chard and the community”, members of the group will first visit Chard Museum for inspiration for their designs.

A golden opportunity for members to be creative, they’ll not only be working on this as a group project but it should allow them the chance to create a mini mosaic for themselves, further boosting their self-esteem.

If you would like to know more about the project please feel free to contact us via phone at 07506238540, email:, or through the website here.