WATCH Christmas Party 2017

In case you missed it, the WATCH Project celebrated Christmas this year with a party so full of life, raffle calling, and rich quality food, one member of staff swears they still have a headache from Karaoke a whole week later – so I think it’s safe to say the whole thing was a rousing success! (Everyone I’ve spoken to since has confirmed as much too.)

I will update this post with pictures as and when I get them (because they can say far more about the event than I can), but for now I think it’s worth observing something about the whole affair:

There are so many messages of ‘thanks’ scheduled to go live on our website today in response to all the support, help, and donations we received, I have had to stagger their release on the Supporters page to prevent spamming you with floods of gratitude all at once! (As far as “problems” go, this is a really nice one to have.)

So whether you helped set-up the night before, donated a prize, simply attended, or spread so much as a little bit of margarine on a single sandwich and failed to get a mention by name, please know that everyone at the WATCH Project is overwhelmed by your support this holiday season – and by extension, the rest of the year. We cannot thank you all enough!*

[*In fact, I have literally run out of different ways to express gratitude there are so many!]

On behalf of everyone in the Project then, I’d like to wish our members, volunteers, staff, readers, and any other friends of the Project a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Next year’s party has a lot to live up to.

– M@thew